how the project got started...

All of a sudden, the Covid-19 (or Coronavirus) has arrived on our shores, and we – individually and collectively – are trying to grapple with it. Suddenly, the streets and public places have thinned out. We have all began to wonder how we are going to deal with this, how will this end and what will become of us.

Just like the periods of BC and AC; we will be referring to pre-Covid and post-Covid eras for decades. We while living this shift in real-time, are literally at the cusp of a changing society and we want to be able to document that transformation. How do we provide everyone an avenue to connect during this difficult time of self-quarantine and isolation?

The project, Life in the time, wishes to digitally collect people's reactions to an incredibly unique scenario that has befallen all of us. We are creating a platform where each of us – individuals, families, friends, and neighbors – have a free-flowing space where we can share their thoughts, ideas, and aspirations that can help one another. We intend to invite everyone to participate by crowdsourcing stories in various forms-- written, visual, audio, and video.

We started to work on this project on April 2’20 and plan to release it soon. Ensconced In our own spaces, we have worked on this virtually and made it happen by the gift of technology. Collaborations with content creators has always begun. This is a rare opportunity where technology, art, and the community can come together to bring things to fruition. And then it is up to each of us to use it, encourage others to share ideas, and create a repository of creativity that we can all can review and rejoice when all of this is over.

our team
Amit Ghosh
Creative Director, Content curator, PR
Robert Arellano
Chief Technologist/ Website Development
Richie Marrufo
Content curator, Podcast/ Newsletter
Eugenio Felix
Logo, Social Media team, Digital content creation
Oscar Valdez
Social Media team, Digital content creation/ Newsletter
Robert Cottingham
Public Relations
Raquel B Mejía
Public Relations