The party was happening, as scheduled, of course.

But we couldn’t attend, as it just wasn’t possible.

The thought of it: Us being absent from the event!

But, soon,we learned that they didn’t stop and take notice.

Or,perhaps, they did and celebrated that, too.

Regardless,the whole shindig went ahead as planned—the way it always had.

We can hear the rabble rousers making their usual racket.

We spy their antics from our shelter-in-place abodes.

Gaily, they flaunt their freedom—to be, to do, and to go where they please.

It’s become clear these party goers of all stripes are having more fun—without us, despite us.

So, perhaps,we’ll take note—for future fetes—and be more gracious guests.

It’s now all too obvious that the revelry of life goes on without humankind.